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shows for schools
shows for schools

Our Range of Shows for Schools

shows for schools planetarium

Our Spectacular Mobile Planetarium service has been operating since 2002!

You can be assured that is provides ALL the AWE & WONDER you seek for your class or event!

We are UNIQUE in that we created our own high quality full HD videos, so most of our productions are exclusive to us! (we are not like the majority who show the same stuff as the rest). Our films are update regularly and we have full control over the content. Our presentations are also majority presenter led, and we actively encourage Q&A sessions.


Our Spectacular Astronomy Stage shows bring all the AWE & WONDER of a planetarium visit but while maintaining Social Distancing!

Sound, Light, dry ice effects and our GIANT 4m wide rear projection screen allow us to present ALL our planetarium presentations...on a stage!

Our Costumed presenter adds even more excitement and increases understanding and engagement of science.

As our stage show is held in your school hall, it is perfect for parents evenings, open days and fundraising!

ALL our presentations for children include a Q&A session.

shows for schools


shows for schools
shows for schools knight

Our Invite a knight service bring the medieval world into YOU school and Classroom

Our Knight can be either a Viking/Saxon or Norman/Hospitaller

They will show how the medieval world worked, describe the lives of the Lords and the common man, what feudalism really was and hoe being a peasant was not that dreadful.

The Knight will bring authentic weapons for the children to handle (under supervision) and describe what a battle was REALLY like.

Children are encouraged to join in and we show what the battle of Hastings was like and recreate the condition in a hall, with the children as the soldiers.

Guaranteed to keep them enthused for a long time after we have left!

This presentation is also available for Fetes (in or out doors) and open evenings....Imagine having an armoured knight welcoming parents at the school door!

shows for schools

shows for schools the bug man

Presenter, author and naturalist Martin Rapley, The Bug Man, presents amazing, unique science shows, workshops and discovery days in schools and events throughout England. 

His presentations feature live invertebrates from around the world.

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shows4schools the bug man

Our Zoom learning sessions are designed to help with Home Education and continue Science Education during the current school closures.

We can provide online presentations/lesson to groups or individuals, either from our menu of options, OR we can tailor make a session just for you.

We can also provide Inset teaching via Zoom.

Please enquire for further details

shows for schools zoom
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